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Welcome to Hop Heaven

Do you like beer? The taste of it, the different flavors, the brewing styles, everything? Is tasting the blend of hops, yeast, and barley in all brews from mass produced pilsners to the finest hand-crafted ales your idea of a great time?

At the Wine Empire, we couldn’t agree more!

Since the craft beer revolution began, we have been keeping up with the best beers, from the best breweries across the country. From local craft breweries here in Massachusetts to the IPAs of the California coast, we have a full selection of domestics, imports, craft and even gluten free brews!

Check out our over 850 square foot Beer Cave! Wine Empire stocks more than 1200 different varieties of beer, including everything from your favorite domestics, imports, craft and gluten free brews to rare beer selections lovingly-made by the hands of Belgian monks!

Wine Empire does custom orders, mix-and-match 6 packs (depending on stock availability), and is always searching for (and finding) the newest breweries on the block or across the globe for your tasting pleasure.


Need a lot of beer for a party or celebration? We can do kegs and cases of any kind! Simply let our staff know beforehand what you are looking for and we will get it for you, fast. Turnaround times for special orders is usually about 3 business days, so be sure to call ahead!

We can provide kegs of beer or larger volume orders.

Tasting Events:

One of the biggest draws at the Wine Empire has to be our craft beer tasting events. You and your guests are cordially invited to spend some time with us (either privately or during a public event) and learn about the best types of beer for every occasion. During these events, you’ll learn about the different beer types, the best food pairings, and even the best ways to brew them yourself! Our expert staff can always supply the type of insight you want when working with hops and barley. It’s what we do!  

For more information about the offers at Wine Empire, to special order your go-to brew, or to schedule your next tasting event with us, please feel free to call us at 508-881-3800.

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