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Pre-Arrivals & Futures

Wine Futures


A wine future is a contract between a buyer that has the function of locking the price of a specified quantity of wine at a future date. The buyer pays the seller a predetermined amount of money and the seller agrees to deliver the wine at a future released date.

Wine futures are typically used by buyers to protect themselves against future price changes in the wine market and without risking a particular wine sells out. A wine future is sold before is bottled and paid in advance. An example of wine future is the “En Primeur” campaign in Bordeaux selling prior year vintage 12-24 months before their actual release.


If you buy Wine Futures, at the time of release, you can choose to have your wine delivered or stock in one of our warehouses in Europe for investment and later selling or delivery.


Pre-Arrival Wines


Unlike Wine Futures, a Pre-Arrival wine is sold after it is already bottled, but it is not available on the market yet. These wines usually take 3-6 months to arrive and buyers pay in advance to secure their allocation. These wines arrive through our suppliers in Europe and/or United States and buyers typically get the best prices available on the market.




What do we offer?


You can now search among several thousands of wines, vintages and different formats, under Pre-Arrival heading or simply click on our search bar. Once you chose the wine you want to buy and place an order, we will confirm your order and be in touch with our estimated time of arrival.


How long does it take to get my Pre-Arrival wines?


Usually 3-6 months, however for some items may be longer. Once your order is received by Wine Empire, you will be contacted to ensure immediate shipping or select a suitable date.


Discount & Promotions


Given the already discounted price compared to the rest of the market, Pre-Arrival Wines are not subject to discount.


Shipping & Original Wooden Cases


Industry standard regulations on shipping prohibit wines to be shipped in the Original Wooden Cases (OWC). This is to ensure wine ships and travels safe. We understand that some wish to own the OWC and we can accommodate – per further request – separate shipping of the OWC for additional fees.



Returns, Refunds and Terms & Conditions


Unless an error in shipping or receiving by Wine Empire, there are no refunds, returns or exchanges for Pre-Arrivals orders. You can contact us if you wish to further discuss any potential solution. For any other issues, sales are final.


For any question or advice do not hesitate to reach out at or via phone at (508) 881-3800