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Wine Club

I was 10 years old when I first learned about wine, helping my grandfather bottle Barbera, a wine produced in the Northwest party of Italy. I was fascinated by the process. Several years later, I realized how much there was to know about wine: grapes, location, sun exposure, soil, aging, fermentation, food pairing, and the list goes on. The more I learned the more intimidated I felt! There was so much to know about it, where would I even start? Thankfully, my friend Pietro was willing to mentor me. I learned from him and I studied a lot on my own, and over time I developed an ability to identify and recommended great wines. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share this with you, and to learn the types of wines you, your family and friends enjoy.


This is why Ana & I decided to start the Wine Empire Wine Club.

You are familiar with our award-winning collection in the store,

but the wines in our club will mostly exclusively available to our wine club members.


I know you enjoy and appreciate great wine, and this is an opportunity to expand your palate further.  Every now and again I’ll throw in a little surprise that may be out of your comfort zone, but who knows, you might like it!    




Regardless of the level you choose, all memberships include:

  Four (4) bottles of highly-rated wines per month, hand-selected by me, to be picked up in-store or to be shipped (shipping charges may apply).

  An additional 5% discount on all wines in-store.

  Detailed notes & wine fact sheet for each wine selected, including the varietal, region & winery descriptions.

  Tasting notes & pairing suggestions.

 A delicious and practical recipe for you to pair your wine with.


Discovery Tour 

Includes 4 bottles of selected wines with rating scores of 88 or higher, some limited releases, production & vintage.

Cellar & Limited

Includes 4 bottles of selected wines with rating scores of 90 or higher, longer aging capabilities from prestigious wineries.

Wine Empire

Includes 4 bottles of the highest-rated wines (92+), very limited release, collections selection, and small vineyards production.

*Membership starts on the first date of the month, and pick-up events are scheduled for the third Wednesday or Thursday of the month.